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Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Weekly Cheese

I've mentioned this before on Trading Faces, but it bears repeating: When I was a child, I really and truly thought I would grow up to be a Solid Gold Dancer. How my mother was surpised when I came out is a mystery to this day. In a way, I did become a Solid Gold Dancer of sorts when I was doing drag out in Albuquerque. My moves were just as cheesy, my kicks just as high, and my costumes just as cheap.

There was one Solid Gold Dancer who for me was the epitome of fabulous, and surprisingly it wasn't the dude with the cantelope in his cup. I was all about the head dancer, Darcel. It isn't that I wanted to be a girl, but I really wanted to be a boy version of her...with the hair and the fantastic legs of course. Sadly, Mama never bought black towels, or else I would have wrapped one around my head when I would pretend I was her, whipping around the room like a retarded cat on acid.

This week's cheese is a compilation of some of the greatest moments of the greatest of all Solid Gold Dancers. Enjoy the mesmerizing dancer/choreographer/diva...

Ms. Darcel Wynne


Ms. Val said...

Christopher, this is the best cheese yet. I just have a few comments...

During the Thompson Twins song, I was praying that those guys didn't step on her hair. I wonder how often that happened.

Only Darcel could make "Slow Hand" into a dance song.

I want the name of her waxer.

Christopher said...

I think she usually wore Danskin tights. That is a little trick that drag performers use so we don't have to shave our legs.

Bea Gass said...

good lord...THE cheesiest show of all time. and can that actually be called dancing? looks like the 'choreographer', and i use the term loosely, may have been a 13 year old girl/boi that just danced in front of her mirror.