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Saturday, September 02, 2006

'Cause knowledge is power!

gaytarded (g-tärdd)
  1. Often Offensive.. Affected with gay style retardation.
  2. Slow or limited in intellectual, emotional, and most especially style development.

Common use in a sentence: "Paris's bff Perez Hilton is so gaytarded he makes Elton John look f*ckable."


Ms. Val said...

I want his jacket. It would look better on me anyway.

Christopher said...

Oh no Ms. Val, that jacket would absolutely engulf're far too svelte for it. Besides, god knows what sort of creepy crawlies are on it what with it being in the vicinity of these two walking STDs.

Ces said...

They look utterly incompatible with one another. I'm sorry but that guy is not at all attractive and Paris, oh well she's a savvy self promoter.

Denise Price said...

Christopher- write another blog soon- I'm tired of looking at his big ole chin-
And did you see the boots she has on with this dress? Ugggg!!!!


JonboySF said...

Christopher, how much did it pain you to actually have to link to that troll's site for this post? He's so gaytardedly fug in those pink outfits that the paps keep mistaking him for Paris' vadge.

Christopher said...

See, that's just how much I believe in giving credit for photos, text, and such. I even linked up that talentless vortex of despair and fugliness that is Perez. And I had to get a tetanus shot afterward!

Ms. Val said...

jonboy, you are hilarious! But that was one visual I didn't need.

Note to self: don't read Christopher's blog comments before dinner.

Brandon said...

Perez is a soooooooo famous and sooooooooo cute and all of you are jealous of him and his success so fuck off loosers!!!!!