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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Today we got back our practice exams for Torts (I hotlinked the definition of a tort since a certain someone didn't know, and I won't mention his name because I don't like to talk smack about my man). It may seem a bit early to do a practice exam, but we're now in Week 6, and are finishing up with intentional torts (assault, battery, etc.). I got a B-. I was rather sad about that, and I will continue to be sad about it even though we were warned explicity that law school grades are generally lower than other graduate programs. However, when he gave us the breakdown for our section of 50, I don't feel so bad...2 A's, 11 B/B-'s. I'm in the top 13 minimum, and probably in the top 10 since I was at the top of the score range for a B-.

That said, I've never been happy to receive a B-, and I don't intend to start now. I am not a B- kind of boy. Of course, it might behoove me to stop blogging today and crack my contracts book. Phooey. I hate B's!


Ms. Val said...

Christopher, B's suck! I have a test tomorrow in Architectural History that covers Egypt, the Near East, Greece, and Rome. I'm quite nervous about it because many of the questions are identifying buildings and artwork that were in the instructor's PowerPoint lectures. She gave us access to the slides via the student server and--lucky me--Q figured out how to download them on my iPod.

I should probably turn off Melrose Place and study, but I don't want to. I'll do it during my drafting class tonight.

Ces said...

Christopher, I don't know why some colleges pride themselves in giving low grades for hard work when other colleges give A's easily. My nursing college was just like that. Giving 85 as the highest = A. Our Summa Cum Laude had low grades compared to other nursing colleges. The faculty insisted that their A is equivalent to our C. Huh?!!! Maybe they had their rationale because all graduates of our college (only 100 or less every year are admitted from a pool of thousands of applicants) passed the board exams since 1945 on the first take and we always have several board top-notchers. Nevertheless, why so stingy with grades? Maybe your college of law is just like that. I have a strong feeling you are going to be very good in whatever field of law you will practice!

JonboySF said...

Beware the killer B's!