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Monday, April 24, 2006

Read Her Lips

My wife Holly informed me that Star Jones announced today on "The View" that she spent the weekend getting her first Brazilian bikini wax. Naturally, I have a few things to say about this.

1. Making it MORE visible isn't going to make Big Gay Al any more likely to hit that.
2. Of course it is her first. Could she even find it up until a month ago?
3. At what point does Joy Behar stop simply making biting remarks to Star and start busting her in the chops like the hard-ass Brooklyn gal she is? Because that is an episode I need to record.


Ms. Val said...

Thank you, Christopher for the incredibly obscene visual. That's worse than having to look at the massive front end damage I put in Q's Dodge the other day...and I have to look at that every time I go into the garage.

Ah, but at least the car's going to the shop in the morning. The mental picture of SJ's cooch won't go away so easily!

Ces said...

Oh how nauseating!!!

And to think that I think I am giving too much information when I tell a message board what I served for dinner.

At least my menu is more palatable and visually appealing.

Star Jones is low, but I am sure she can go lower.

I once read the same about Gwyneth Paltrow.

These people are the ultimate exhibitionists.

Bedazzler said...

Loves the site, you are my DISH OF THE DAY

Hair Removal said...

Star Jones, Eva Longoria. Seems like celebrities can't wait to let everyone know they got a Brazilian bikini wax.

For the record, I got one too.

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