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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Muthas Against Judging Drunk

Paula Abdul is such a hot mess I can't even believe she was allowed to go on the air. I would recommend breatholyzing her, except it would make American Idol so much less interesting. A few brief notes:

1) The background noise in the studio must have been overwhelming to the judges because I thought McPhee was Phabulous!
2) Elliot was the best he's ever been. Not worth Paula breaking down like her grandma died, but good nonetheless.
3) If Kellie Pickler makes it past this week, I am going to start lobbying for an IQ test prior to having a phone installed.
4) I like Paris more every week, and forgot for her entire number that she is an Oompa Loompa with a deep tan.
5) Corky looked fantastic and sounded awful. Evidently he has to act a fool in order to sing well.
6) Aww damn, Chris continues to match his fantastic voice to the shittiest songs ever written. Why does someone with so much talent have so little taste? Oh wait, is that a good version of an excruciating Bryan Adams song? IT IS! If he can make that piece of garbage sound that good, just cancel the rest of the contest and crown Daddy Chris immediately!

My prediction: I want to say Pickler goes home tomorrow, but I think she might get to coast on her dubious charm for another week. Elliot would go no matter how good he is except that he made people actually cry. Thus, I do believe we're saying goodbye to spastic Taylor tomorrow night. I also think tonight that the judges said goodbye to their final shred of dignity as they sniped like they're starring in "Mean Girls 2", but that is another story.

FYI, if you want to see some genius television programming, you must watch "So NoTORIous" on VH1. Who knew Tori Spelling could be entertaining? This show is a scripted sitcom that plays like a reality show since Tori plays herself (sort of like Kirsty Alley's "Fat Actress"), and it is probably the funniest thing I've seen in the last year. They should give her an Emmy just for using the line, "I don't have to be relevant! I'm Tori Spelling!"

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