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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Does this fur make me look like a jacked-up crackhead?

Whitney kept trying to sneak out of the house for candy bars and drugs (because she hasn't figured out that she probably only needs to sneak next door to Crazy Neighbor's for her pharmaceutical needs), so I had to take her fur. I have to admit, I did get a kick out of wearing it to Whole Foods to shop for vegetarian groceries. Thank god they don't sell organic paint there.


Ces said...

Are you sure her fur coat did not have fleas? The way she has been pictured with it, she looked like she was wearing a shaggy carpet.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, did you check the pockets before you put that thing on? We don't want you to get busted for drug posession!

Seriously, though, that coat looks faker than the knockoff Dooneys. Louies and Coaches being sold at swap meets.

Christopher said...

Ces, I had that taken care of when I had the house sprayed for pimps. And Val, does Whitney look like the kind of woman who would leave any drugs behind?