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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A minor setback

Medical stuff ahead...if you're looking for the funny, you might want to skip this post (although I will say, Rod Stewart just so totally hit on Kellie Hickler on Idol, and I would soooo much rather discuss that).

So Monday morning, I got myself on a plane at the buttcrack of dawn, and after a layover in Detroit where I took a moment to do a little "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" in honor of Miss Ross's birthplace, I landed in NYC for my first follow-up visit since The Surgery on January 25. I've mentioned I'm pretty upset because they said they hit everything and yet I've still got the puffy cheek. This trip was about getting some answers and planning for the next slice-n-dice.

After a hellish SuperShuttle ride to the Upper West Side and a two-hour wait in the lobby, I got in to see Dr. Waner and his dreamy intern, Dr. Hot Guy With the Salt-and-Pepper at His Temples. They are pleased with my progress, which I find rather amazing. Remember way back when I said that around my mouth, there was some small amount of the tumor they didn't get, but that was injected with the sclero solution, so doc thought it would dissolve? Yeah, well it didn't. No biggie, they can easily remove it during the next surgery, only I just thought it was all going to be gone after the last one so that all I would have left is the touch-up. The bottom line is, some of what I have left is in fact swelling, and some is this left-over stuff that is giving me some weird shape and will get taken care of next time. Here's some illustration:

This is before:

This is now:

Some improvement, certainly, but not where it is supposed to be. This is what is going on:

The circled area is what is some swelling that is leftover. I know it is swelling because there was nothing in my neck at all, and you can see that is swollen. What is left here should go down over the next couple of weeks.

This is where I've still got stuff (and the picture doesn't show it all that well). Next surgery, they will remove that, lift up my mouth, work on my wonky-looking eye, and I hope give me some hair plugs (because hope does spring eternal).

Right now, I'm a mix of disappointment that it isn't gone and relief that I know what is wrong and how to fix it. Oh, and I had a fabulous evening after my appointment, staying with my lovely friend Miss MarySusan and her husband before traveling back to Kentucky yesterday. I am also slightly disappointed in myself because I may have brought this on myself via bad karma. I'll explain that in a later post, but let me preview it by saying it involves drag queens, disco music, and showing up my ex-bf. Phooey.


Ces said...

Hi Christopher,
I understand your disappointment. Knowing the reason is rather a mixed blessing but nonetheless better news than not knowing. What the heck did I just say? I have been thinking of you and wishing you the best and may it be soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Christopher.

David, from the MG board.

You know, looking at the pictures, I think I can see a pretty BIG difference. Hold on, I am sure that great doctor you have is right and eventually this is going to work out very well indeed.

But I certainly sympathize and understand your desire for it to be right now. Were I you, I would feel just the same. But believe me, there is a difference.

best and warm regards,


Christopher said...

I have to tell you guys, I seriously did not see a difference until the day after I posted those pictures. For some reason, I saw them in a new light. I'm feeling MUCH better about everything after this post. See, isn't blogging just oh-so cathartic?