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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Natalie is a poseur

Natalie Portman shaved her head for a part in a movie, a part for which she was likely paid more than most people make in 20 years time, and yet everyone acted like she was oh so brave, like she had saved a bunch of drowning orphans by wading through a swamp of aligators and nuclear waste. Big deal. Check out the hair international pop superstar, my beloved Kylie Minogue, is sporting out on the town in New York this week.

Kylie has this hair not because she was paid to have it, but because she is busy kicking breast cancer's ass. And she's still prettier than you, Natalie!

Welcome back, Kylie, we've missed you!


Ces said...

Oh Christopher, Natalie is an actress. They shave their heads or don ugly make-up (Charlize) to win an award. I saw her bald picture, she does not look bad. As someone who was bald as a baby, toddler and preschooler, I think it is brave to go out into the world of hair. Kylie and all the other women who sport new hair after a bout of chemo and radiation are indeed brave to withstand the stares. Kylie, on the other hand (I did not really know her until I read your post), will get stares anyway because she is beautiful - hair or no hair.

Christopher said...

Oh Ces, Kylie is SPECTACULAR! She is as big or bigger than Madonna everywhere in the world but the U.S. She had to cancel her homecoming tour in Australia last year after she was diagnosed, but she caught it early, and is well on her way to a full recovery. I'm hoping for a big helping of cheesy Euro-pop from her soon.

Really, I'm just trying to promote Bald is Beautiful as I am...ahem...thinning.

ionca said...

i think kylie is a POSEUR!!!

she got cancer and lost her hair just 'cause natalie did. natalie did it first, so that makes kyliepants a poseur. with a capital P.

lol, pee.