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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Where is Rush Limbaugh's maid when you need her?

I just returned from getting the stitches removed, and it was not comfortable, to say the least. The funny thing is, my psycho streetperson beard got in the way, and half the time I think he was plucking hair instead of sutures. I've had so much hair taped over and stitched over in the past two weeks that I would have done well to have gotten waxed from eyebrow to hip before I got all of this started. I never realized I am quite so hairy. Anyway, this should be the last painful thing in the process, it is all healing from here. And the good news on that front is, I'm starting at last to be able to tell a difference, even if it is a small one. I'm just a wee bit smaller in the cheek than I was to begin with, or rather it is a different shape and is becoming clear that it is indeed swelling rather than tumor. Two weeks down, four to go in the full healing process.

On another note, the kitties are locked up in the bathrooms because I have an electrician here doing work that will allow me to get the stuff I've had planned finished without burning the house down. Sly seems okay, but I'm fairly certain that Truman is in the process of plotting my downfall. If I am found dead and it looks like an accident, investigate that cat, that's all I'm saying.

I'm going to have a vodka and vicodin for lunch...I'll check back with everyone when I'm conscious again in a few hours.


Big Daddy aka The General said...

Hey did you use Mike for the electrical?

Christopher said...

I sure did. They quoted me a very reasonable price, and they will be back on Monday to finish the work. I'm pretty pleased...thank you for the referral! If anyone knows of any good inexpensive drywallers, please pass those along to me as well!