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Monday, February 06, 2006

It is nice to be wanted

I just received my letter of acceptance from University of Kentucky College of Law, so that's two of the three so far. Not too shabby, and UK is a bit harder to get into than UofL, so I'm pretty flattered. Still no word of financial assistance from either school as of yet, though. Is it really asking too much that they get down in the jello and fight over me?

No real change in condition today, at least so far as I look. I woke up feeling kinda under the weather, but am fine now, and I feel a bit silly that I'm not in the office. Still, I think my appearance at the moment might be a bit distracting to others and to myself. I'm trying to get a tiny bit of work done from home today, the first day I've really put in much of an effort. I've had my fun laying around, but I think the leisure time is going to get to me before too much longer, and I'm going to snap like a postal worker.

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