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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Court Dates & Contest Winners

I was pulled over on New Year's Eve for expired car registration. No biggie, I just took my insurance in and got them updated. The problem is, I was supposed to show that I had done my duty by January 31 down at the courthouse, and I kind of never got around to it. So, I went down today, flashed them my big-ass scar, and played the pity card. It worked like a charm, and I'm not getting taken away any time soon. I am not above working my condition for a little sympathy.

My doctor will not release me back to work until next week, so there is just enough time left to plant the rumor as to why I'm out of the office, as the rumors are flying already from what I'm told. To that end, Trading Faces would like to congratulate Blake Paris as the winner of the Office Rumor Contest. Rhoda will be dropping to a few people that I picked up something resembling the bird flu while travelling. I like this one because it is silly enough to be fun, but you can almost believe it is true. Blake, the next time you're in the States, I owe you a batch of what is without a doubt the best cookie ever created (and I'm not exaggerating...I found this recipe, made them, and nearly wept they are so unbelievably good).

Today was supposed to be the day I got the stitches out, but my primary care doc decided they are a wee bit too detailed and tiny for him to handle properly, so he scheduled me with someone else. Poopie.

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Big Daddy aka The General said...

Thank you! I can't wait for the prize! Maybe I could even get a crown....