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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Christopher Loves Memos!

Christopher just turned in his first major writing assignment in law school, the dreaded closed memo, by slipping two double-spaced copies of 2,698 words of sheer genius under his professor's door.


Now he just has to study for a legal research exam on Friday, finish his reading for Property and Torts, and then he can go to bed.



dr chad said...

Let's hope this switch to referring to yourself in the 3rd person isn't representative of your developing a psychotic episode from all the work you are doing.

Christopher said...

It could be argued that I have always been involved in some sort of psychotic episode, Dr. Chad. You've known me for around 18 years, so surely you've deduced that by now!

Ms. Val said...

Congratulations, Christopher. I have another notebook project to do for my architecture history class. It's due on the 10th and I'm lacking the motivation necessary to even start it!

This one should be easier because I only have to do outlines and find photos for Early Christian and Byzantine, Romanesque and Norman, and Gothic architecture, artwork, and furniture.

Oh, and there's a quiz tomorrow. Geez, I really need to put this computer DOWN!!!!!

papa said...

Are you ready to take on my legal problems yet?

Christopher said...

Only if you're ready to lose in court, Papa! Right now, I would be able to argue some intentional torts, and that's about it, so if someone has slapped you recently, we're good to go!

Cooper said...

Congrats on your memo. I get mine back on Thursday, then a conference with the prof on Friday, followed by a re-write. Good times.