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Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Saturday afternoon conversation

Christopher: "Where are you going?"

Craiggers: "To the post office to drop these packages off."

Christopher: "Don't you want to hear all about the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure?"

Craiggers: "Less than you can possibly imagine."

Christopher: "I could tell you all about Permissive Joinder. You never want to do anything fun."

It is little wonder the Radical Right is so opposed to gay marriage when conversations like that demonstrate just how perverse we really are.


Ms. Val said...

Christopher, just like you and I are separated at birth, I'm beginning to think Q and Craiggers are too.

Does Craig watch TV poker, per chance?

Christopher said...

No, but I just went to check on him in the living room when I finished the civil procedures outline I've been working on all evening, and found him laughing at "Garfield: The Movie." I think that's grounds for divorce.