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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Come out,

come out,

wherever you are!

Not so fast there, Mr. Cruise...we have quite enough crazy in our ranks without your alien-worshipping ass. Thanks anyway.

I hope all my fellow meat whistle tuners out there have had a lovely day!


Mother Jones RN said...

I started hanging out with gay men when I was in college. We’d all hang out at the student union together, and watch hot guys walk by. Those were fun days. "My Boys" would escort me to the bars so I didn’t have to worry about some asshole hitting on me, and I would serve as their beard when they went to straight functions. One time I posed as the fiancĂ©e of a young man who was trying to get a job as a church minister.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Ces said...

Who are the kissing men? Who are these men? I only know Tom Cruise.

Shark-fu said...

Happy belated!

Christopher said...

Mutha Jones, you were a fag nanny!!! I prefer that to fag hag because I think hag is an inaccurate and disrespectful description of the fine and fabulous women who love us.

Ces, they are (in order): Clay Aiken, Vin Diesel, John Travolta with some man, and the annoying Tom Cruise. Clay is ridiculously gay, Vin is rumored to be (and is oh so yummy), John has had at least two outings and a palimony suit just before he married someone he had never been seen with, and Tom...well, Tom has issues.

ABB! One of The Advocate's Top Ten bloggers has posted on my wall, and I feel so honored!

Irene said...

Shouldn't Ryan Seacrest be on your list, dahling? :p

Christopher said...

Irene, if I let just any random closet case with a bad Mystic Tan on my list, it wouldn't be very exclusive, now would it?

Ms. Val said...

At first I thought the second picture was of Prince. But then I looked again and he's too buff to be Prince.

Ces said...

John Travolta!!!??? What in heaven's name is he doing kissing another man in the lips. What is this world coming to? ...and I have been listening to the Saturday Night Fever sountrack to pick up my spirits. What does his wife think of him kissing another man in the lips?

Christopher said...

Ces, my dear, she thinks what the Scientologists tell her to think.