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Monday, January 30, 2006

Taxi taxi

I consider a New York cab ride to be an exhilarating adventure, unless of course my neck is full of stitches. For example, I enjoyed the driver we had on Tuesday who took the driver of a Lexus to the Middle Eastern woodshed, excoriating for a block with, “You are an asshole! Don’t be an asshole!” Today I suppose I was hoping for a more gentle ride, but that is all a part of NYC’s charm. We risked life and limb to cab over to my doc’s offices this morn, only to discover that he was at the hospital across the street from our de-luxe apartment in surgery. His surgical nurse was there, and said he would have me come across the street this afternoon, but in the meantime she checked me out. She was in the OR with him, and knows all the stuff anyway (actually, she closed at least one of my wounds). Here’s her dish:
She said she wishes she had snapped a picture as they closed before the swelling started because it looks great. Now, their great may be different than my great, after all the extreme cases they’ve seen. That will all pan out in the coming weeks. She said the swelling will take 2-3 weeks (which I knew), and I can have my stitches out next week and it will hurt. My concern is my lip since they didn’t take the stuff out of there, but instead cut off the blood supply to it and injected it full of the sclero fluid. She said that if it gets rid of it all, and it may, it will take a couple of months for my body to absorb everthing. If it doesn’t, it should be an easy surgical removal, and will be done with the laser and such in about 3 months. At any rate, it is going to take a while for the full results to show, so I may as well head back to work when able rather than when pretty. They aren’t going to take this damn drain out until after I get home, so if I get an annoying neighbor on the plane, I plan on flashing them this big tube of blood coming out of my neck. That should shut them up.

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