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Monday, January 23, 2006

Leavin on a jet plane

My grandmother and aunt should be here any time now to take off for the airport. Of course, it is only 11am, and the plane doesn't leave until 2:30, so we have some time to kill. This should be entertaining, as 1) they have never seen my house and will be horrified by the exposed wall studs, crumbling plaster, and pile of rubble in the backyard, and 2) everyone in my family knows I'm a big 'mo, but these two don't officially know. Against everything I believe in, I have gone through the house to de-gay (or "straighten up" if you will) because with all that is going on, I just can't deal with my granny asking about the big rhinestone crown in the china cabinet, "The Joy of Gay Sex" on the bookshelf, or the one bed in the house. They will have to accept all of this at some point, but frankly I am just not even in the mood today. This is exactly why I wanted my mom to come with me...she loves Craig and after some initial problems, seems to think having a queer son is a bit of a novelty.

Oh, and American Airlines just called to tell me the flight has been delayed, so now we aren't leaving The Ville until 4:46pm. ARRRRGH! I need a sign this is all going to be okay. Where the hell is Cher when you need her?

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