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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Clampetts Take Manhattan

NOTE: If you're visiting for the first time, please read the first post on this blog. Also, I changed the settings on the Comments section so that you do not have to register to comment. Because I know my friends, and lord knows you bitches have some things to say.

Before I begin my post, I'm pausing for a moment to note that I am typing and trying to ignore my grandmother and aunt. I came into the bedroom to keep them from looking over my shoulder as I type, and they've now popped in here to talk about NOTHING. When someone picks up his computer and moves to another room, some might take that as a sign that said person wishes to be alone. Taking a hint is not one of the skills for which my family is noted. I am about thirty seconds from putting on shoes and going in search of a cocktail! And now on with my regularly scheduled blog, already in progress.

So, we had several hours to kill before my doctor visit this afternoon, and my aunt wanted some adventure. Granny, on the other hand, may have started to realize that her tagging along was not a good idea. She opted to stay in for the day, which was good considering that it would have taken her until my appointment to get up the block (and before any of you call me mean for that comment, just note that she invited herself along for this ride despite all of us telling her she wasn't up to it, and much as I love her, she is making everything take twice as long as it should...NYC is not a city for those without energy). Now I would have liked to have gone to Gucci to try on suits that are worth more than my car, but this is Aunt Kathy's first visit to the city, so I thought we'd do something touristy that she would enjoy. We zipped over to Rockefeller Plaza, with her snapping pictures the entire way (fine by me...what is so special about the locals thinking you are one of them?). She was thrilled by seeing the skating rink in the center of the plaza (I have to admit, I thought it was pretty cool too). I bought us tickets for the NBC Studio tour, and we had big silly fun.

Fun had, we headed in for my apointment with my docs who will be giving me injection treatments tomorrow. What they will be doing is putting me to sleep, then injecting me with a sodium somethingorother solution, which will cause parts of the VM to harden, thus making it easy on Thursday for Dr. Waner to separate it from the normal tissue. At least that is how my hottie Chinese doc explained it. And can I just say, you can't swing an IV bag without hitting a hottie doc? Roosevelt Hospital houses some docs in the building where I am staying, and I ran into an absolute stunner today in the hall outside the elevator, wearing his pajama pants and a t-shirt that said, "Trust me, I'm a doctor." To my credit, I did not ask him for an exam.

But I digress. I check in tomorrow at 9am, and a boy from North Carolina (his mama clocked our accents in the waiting room) is getting treated before me. He is about 13, has a similar issue to mine, and was so VERY self-conscious, like he just wanted to disappear. I know that body language well. I just wanted to go over to him and say, "Dude, I know." I hope we run into he and his mom again. I would like to know that his treatments are working. If so, he is going to have a very different life than mine. Not that my life was so bad, just sometimes more difficult that perhaps it needed to be, and I hope he can have something a bit more normal. Heck, I hope I can have that too!

My aunt is going to bring the 'puter over to the hospital when they wake me up after the treatment. I'll post the gory details then. Please start the good vibes at around 9:30ish in the a.m.!

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