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Friday, February 02, 2007

The Weekly Cheese

February 2, 2007...happy 227 y'all!

And I mean no place, child!

I've complained about this before, but it bears repeating...where the hell are the major networks with shows featuring families of color?! Why are they all relegated to the ghetto channels like the CW with no budget, bad writers, and no chance of gaining a mainstream audience? It isn't as though history hasn't shown that if the show is good, America will watch no matter what color the stars are. Doesn't anyone remember "The Cosby Show"? How about two of my favorites as a kid, "The Jeffersons" and "Good Times"? People watched that stuff because it was FUNNY. Of course, the white folks aren't funny on most network television any more, so I don't know why I'd expect any better from others. Still, it is only a few years before people of my hue are less than 50% of the population of this country, so those networks had better hop on it if they expect to make any money. I hear Jackee and Marla Gibbs are available.


dr chad said...

You are so right. The only one I can think of on a MAJOR network is George Lopez. Instead, we get clones of "Friends" and rare jewels, like "The Office." I remember Saturday nights on NBC being made up of "227" and "Amen." Now it is "To Catch a Predator" reruns. Maybe it is time for you to pitch your sitcom about Rupaul and Aunt Esther from "Sandford and Son" that you used to talk about. I think it was supposed to be set in a pantyhose factory. I think I said you should call it, "Sheer Agony." However, isn't Aunt Esther dead?

Christopher said...

Oh, I remember that! It was my sitcom starring LaWanda Page ("Sanford & Son"'s Aunt Esther) and Harvey Fierstein! Harvey was starring as a gay Jewish man whose uncle had made a huge fortune in women's shoes. Harvey inherits the estate upon his uncle's death, only to learn that he's sharing it with his uncle's mistress of the past 30 years, Miss LaWanda Page, his housekeeper. The two of them live in the mansion together, and hijinks ensue! It would have been a huge hit if only LaWanda hadn't died.

JonboySF said...

OMG, I love that show idea Christopher! I would have watched that. I was going to try to contradict you about no shows of color on any channel except the CW but it seems you're right on this one. I guess I do watch my share of Girlfriends, One on One and The Parkers (hi-LA-rious!). I was dismayed to see the Tracy Morgan show disappear. It was so much funnier than anything else NBC had put out since Friends but it languished away, unwatched apparently, in a Tuesday night slot opposite some mega hit show on another network. Had they moved it to Thursday Must-See-TV I think it would have become the next Cosby. Now Tracy's talents are all but wasted on that Tina Fey train wreck 30 Rock (although I will admit, Alec Baldwin is a comic genius...who knew?). I think you need to quit law school and write for TV my friend!

Ms. Val said...

I'll always remember Hal Williams as the liquor store owner on Knots Landing. Gary stumbled in begging for bourbon and Hal pulled a gun on him.