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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Trading Faces Trend Watch: Accessories

The style gurus here at Trading Faces have noticed as of late that the rubber message bracelet trend has extended to the adult film industry. The Lance Armstrong-sponsored LiveStrong bracelets are proving particularly popular. This does not surprise us as the bracelets can have a multitude of uses in porn and are far easier to clean that more traditional porn accessories, creating a versatile look that should prove wearable for multiple seasons to come.

Well played, gentlemen. Well played indeed.

Screen capture from Oscar contender "A Matter of Size 2," a film that while more fashion-forward than its predecessor, lacks the emotional core of the original.


Anonymous said...

when making love, i too like to keep in mind lance armstrong's heroic battle against ball cancer.

Christopher said...

Those gentlemen did a lot of things in that video, but "making love" was not one of them.

Ms. Val said...

Christopher, we may be a lot alike, but our viewing habits are quite different. The only comparison I can draw from is when Sid Fairgate wears his watch to bed on Knots Landing.

On the other hand, it might be time for me to talk to Q about renewing the Cinemax subscription.

JonboySF said...

"the emotional core of the original..." LMAO Christopher! Glad to see you can identify the nuance in porn. You're my new hero. Oh, and welcome back - missed you over the holidays!

Christopher said...

Thanks, it is nice to be back. It is interesting to see how I suddenly have the urge to blog when faced with a stack of reading for law school once again!

Mother Jones RN said...


Thank you for expanding my horizons. LOL!


Denise Price said...

Holy Moly! I opened this up at work when I was taking a break and I couldn't close it fast enough!
Warn us next time Christopher! LOL!

Thank goodness the boss didn't walk by at that exact moment- Denise

Christopher said...

You gals should see what I edited out...all sorts of naughty bits and an entire third man!