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Monday, January 22, 2007

Joan Collins gets served!

Oh lawd, did Mrs. Garrett not learn anything from the East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry? I guess not because she's looking to be the next Tupac! This fabulous video shows her giving an interview on the red carpet of Joan's new show "Legends," and she starts dropping the "B" bombs! I love a dirty-mouthed old lady!

So, what is more shocking? That Charlotte Rae is so mean, that Joan Collins is shocked that someone called her a bitch, or that either of these old broads still get invited places? I'm sure Blair is going to pray for Mrs. Garrett!

This link blatently lifted from the evil queens over at D-Listed.


dr chad said...

Tootie: Gee, Mrs. Garrett. Did you forget your meds? There gonna be trouble.

Natalie: Make that a double.

Dr. Chad: This is beyond strange. However, it is no stranger than the time when Tootie and Natalie brought home bongs they bought at the record store. Maybe Mrs. Garrett kept one for "medicinal reasons."

JonboySF said...

They weren't bongs, they were for drinking rootbeer, remember?! ;)

Christopher said...

But Natalie filled hers with jellybeans. And the condoms for when she lost her flower on a Very Special Episode. I think she was about 35 at the time, and that Mrs. Garrett had been replaced by Cloris Leachman.