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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Down With Hopes, Up With Dopes

John McCain has officially jumped the shark, y'all. Peepaw needs a nap!

I mean another nap.

His speech Tuesday night made clear several things:

1. He is running against Obama.
2. He will say anything he has to say to get the Radical Right to like him.
3. He doesn't know anyone who is under 45 and non-white (that stage was like a mausoleum!).
4. He is completely batshit crazy.

I mean seriously, peepaw, you're basically giving the speech declaring yourself as the nominee, and all you can do is deride dreams and hopes as a concept? You really don't believe a leader is supposed to inspire us to dream big and then go out and make that dream happen? What a deeply negative message for a campaign, especially one that is winning. That is a strange strategic move for his campaign. My favorite quote from his speech was:

"They will appeal to our dreams of a better future for ourselves, our families and our country, but they would take from us more of the wealth we have earned to build those dreams and assure us that government is better able than we are to make decisions about our future for us."

Ummmm...if someone is dreaming of a better future, chances are they don't have a lot of wealth these alleged crazed Democrats can take. I'd like to know where all this wealth is...apparently this recession thing is just a myth and we're all rich unless we elect Obama! Who knew?

I liked John McCain to some extent, at least as a person if not politically. I think he was stupid to kowtow to the Bush administration, especially after what they did to him in 2000, and he will pay politically for hitching his wagon to that hot mess. And I never believed he is the maverick he says he is...his voting record is insanely conservative (except that he doesn't want to load the brown folks in a box car and ship them to Tijuana, which is precisely what has the wingnuts in a tizzy). But that speech...lawd! It appealed to the lowest common denominator, and lifted up greed and power as an American ideal. I'll happily put that up against Obama in the November because I think that we are better than that.

At least that's my hope.


Mother Jones RN said...

Change is in the air. And, no, those are not just words.

Missed ya, darling.


Christopher said...

From your mouth to the voting booths, my dear!