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Saturday, December 16, 2006

I love my mama

My mother is a whacko, but there are times that I am truly thankful for her. Like, for example, when I watched this video.


Denise Price said...

You're back!!! Big hug!! I missed you!
That was funny- Once again I don't know where you find these things-
If you don't come to this years conference I will spank you too-
Ha-Ha!!! Drink one for me as I assume that is what you are doing at this moment-
Have you heard of a drink called a Gorilla Tit? I was looking thro a drinks book and it was in there- Don't think I'd want that one-

Denise Price said...

Chirstopher- I just realized I left a "blonde" comment in my previous post- How can I spank you if I'm not near you- Oh well, I do hope to meet you some day!!!

JonboySF said...

OK, how am I going to explain to my boss how my monitor got drenched with green tea this morning? Thanks a lot Christopher!!! ;-)