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Monday, December 29, 2008

Introducing Ginsburg

We have a new resident here at Trading Faces. Ladies, gentlemen, gentlemen dressed as ladies, ladies dressed as womyn...please welcome Ginsburg.

"Psst! Ginsburg! Look this way."

"Good boy!"

Yes, you are seeing right. That's a dog. A 7-month old shih tzu to be exact, named for her honor, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (because I am that much of a nerd). We have officially given in to Puppy Fever here at Trading Faces. We're positive the late Franklin would not approve. We know from experience that Truman does not approve as he has hardly come out of hiding since Ginsburg came home yesterday from a family with a toddler who treated him like a rag doll. We also know Sly, the resident HBIC, does not approve as he pimp slapped Ginsburg within 30 seconds of his arrival.

At any rate, Ginsburg is settling in nicely. We didn't get out to buy a crate to begin his crate training (his previous family let him run wild), so he spent today in the bathroom while Craiggers was at work and I did my public service project for school. I'd post a photo of those results (which were entirely my fault because any non-rookie knows you don't leave them home all day in the bathroom), but I seriously doubt any of my tens of readers care to see a mishmash of dirty towels, a door that appears to have been attacked by a rhino, shredded bathroom literature, and poop. Instead I'll leave you with a photo of his reaction to his handiwork.

How is it that I end up with pets that are totally cute and evil bastards?


Becky said...

He's really cute. Get that crate and get training. Abbey has had Sophie for two weeks now and she has totally become one of the family.

Do you have Fiesta doggie bowls?

Ms. Val said...

A 7-month old shih tzu to be exact, named for her honor, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (because I am that much of a nerd).

You think that's nerdy? My cat is named after a Star Wars character. Or a jazz guitarist...just depends on who you ask.

Steve Ballmer said...

Your tongue is not worthy to utter the name of one such as Steve Ballmer (Bless on him)! But I shall answer dis question! You see the Zune is the most sophisticated device ever created by man! It was programed with sooooo very many features that even the whole of Microsoft cannot remember them all! What other device that pretends to compete with the Zune has such a feature? A self-improvement-vacation day mode? NONE! None I tell you! You all should bow and kiss Mr Ballmer's naked unwashed feet and praise the fates that such a one as he even bothers to explain anyting at all to your most unworthy selves!

Gizmola said...

That is beyond a shadow of a doubt the cutest dog ever on the face of the earth. Of course he's evil - he can just melt you with a little doggy smile. Dur!

Ces said...

She is a doll so much better looking than the real thang!

Ces said...

By the way, you look so cute and so young like a teenager!