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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sadie Sadie Married Lady

I threw a small soiree last night for mostly law school folks to either celebrate or drown our sorrows. Fortunately it was a celebration, and in more ways than one.

I'm engaged.


So here's how it went down: We had popped the champagne when Ohio was called for Obama because we knew that meant it was over. We continued celebrating for when CNN officially called the night for Obama, and during his speech. We were all crying and shouting for joy. I hugged Craig and said something or other to him, at which point he turned to me, got down on his knees, and asked if I would marry him. More tears of joy!

Obviously I said yes. Apparently he was planning to ask on our anniversary, but he said it just seemed like the right moment.

So, while votes were being counted showing that a slim majority of Californians think I don't have basic civil rights (at least when prompted by millions in Mormon money), I was busy getting engaged. I have a prediction that Prop 8 in California is going to go down because the Supremes out there ruled that marriage was a fundamental right under Equal Protection in their constitution. To take that away would mean a revision to their constitution, not an amendment, and would require a 2/3 majority in the legislature calling a constitutional congress. Hope springs eternal, eh? Regardless, Massachusetts will likely get our meager wedding dollars, probably sometime this summer. I can honestly say I am about the happiest I have ever been right at this moment.


papa said...

This is wonderful news and I am so happy for both of you! Apparently Craig knows what he is getting into! The best of luck to both of you, and best wishes (with just a wee touch of jealousy! [grin])

Hmmm, the word verification for this post is "latingi" which has "latin" in it (something I'm sure you know bunches about being a lawyer-in-training) and "gy" which to me said "guy" so that means Blogger has blessed your marriage and it is meant to be!
(and it helps to have had a few beers before posting!!!!)

heather said...

R. and I are sooooo thrilled for you. Best wishes, my love!!!!

I think I've cried as many tears of joy for you today as I did the day R. and I became affianced. Love you.




Mother Jones RN said...

Congratulations, Sweetie!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

Love, Your Mama Jones

Becca said...

I just now read this entry. I was so excited to be there with you and Craig! You were with me the night I got engaged (though not there for the actual moment) and I am happy for this "engagement" symmetry. It was a beautiful in more than one way.

Screw CA.

jenn said...

I could not be happier for you and Craig! I can say I remember when from NM but I wont. You have come so far and are in great place with a great partner (soon to be husband). Jennifer