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Thursday, July 03, 2008


My phone died about six months ago, so I was forced to get a new one. Since I knew the 3G iPhone I have waited for, the second generation model on the better network, would be released sometime this year, I bought a cheapo refurbished Motorola Blackjack to suffice in the mean time. I can't really afford the new iPhone when it is released next week since I had to get new glasses this week for my old pepaw eyes, but was planning to get one in August. That is until I saw how AT&T is going to screw me over for the price of the 16GB model:

New AT&T Customers buying an iPhone: $299
Old AT&T Customers who haven't bought a phone in ages: $299
Old AT&T Customers who have had to replace broken equipment: $499

Seriously. $499. Fuck them. I'm giving consideration to "moving" to my mother's house where no reception is available, voiding my contract, switching to Verizon, and trying to get an unlocked iPhone 3G on the down-low, even if it exceeds AT&T's fuckover price. If this is how I'm treated for spending more money with them over the last seven years I've been a customer than most of the people eligible for a $200 savings, they can suck it.

The sad thing is, in making a nuisance of myself to them in an effort to get my way I am having to torment some poor schlub who makes a terrible wage and has to deal with the consequences of bad corporate decision-making. I know because I've been there. I worked for Sprint maybe 9 years ago, and it was terrible because they had so very little regard for their customers.


heather said...

Have you gone to the AT&T store to discuss with a rep directly? They always tell me that the reps can override the set amount of time for the replacement phone; I know their hands are tied a little more when it comes to iPhones, but I usually find that they'll go out of their way to oblige...

Ms. Thomas said...

I was sitting in a boring conference this afternoon when your blog address popped into my memory, and because the universe is wonderful, there you were, hilarious as usual. I reveled in your iPhone post. I've spent 7+ hours trying to be technologically up to speed (and about $500) and this was just the comic relief I needed. What's that they say about misery loving company? Anyway, I'm now a loyal reader and hope life is doing you right. I'll be back...