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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busted Business Bureau

I am normally quite skeptical of the As Seen On TV sorts of products, but I'm telling you, put it up against the iPhone, and the PedEgg wins for product of the year! I bought one a few days ago at Walgreens, and my hooves are as smooth as if I had just gotten a pedi. It is a beauty miracle! My heels in particular were just CRUSTY, and that little egg just zipped it all off like so much dust! Don't walk, run to get one!

An additional benefit of this miracle product...never again worry about running out of parm at a dinner party.

On the other hand (or rather other appendage), the editors here at Trading Faces whole-heartedly condemn the Magic Rings offered up at the sex toy events known as Surprise Parties (which I always thought should be called Fuckerware, but that's just me).

These things are supposed to stretch like jelly, but evidently they are deeply limited in their durability. I won't get too graphic, but let's just say that you should imagine a rubber band breaking and slapping you in a place that should only ever be treated nicely. Avoid them at all costs.

And that's all from the Consumer Affairs division of Trading Faces...looking out for you like the Better Business Bureau after five shots of tequila.

1 comment:

heather said...

Um, I bought the Ped-Egg on your recommendation today. It's pretty great, considering how terrible my feet had gotten this flip-flop season!!

I can't speak for the other device. I really can't imagine why someone would hate their penis so much as to put it through that degree of torture, though...