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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Breaking Up With Keith Olbermann

My imaginary relationship with Anderson Cooper had to end because I can't deal with the closet. Now another silver fox newshound imaginary boyfriend has broken my heart.

Like most progressives, I am an avid Keith Olbermann fan. I enjoy trying to predict each evening what he will call out as the top five stories we will be discussing in the morning. Sometimes I'm right, often I'm wrong because let's face it, such things are for the most part quite subjective.

Sometimes, though, a news story is so big that even when you're busy, you make a specific point of tuning in to get his point of view because there is simply no way it won't make The Countdown. Tonight was such a night for me, and I have to count myself sadly disappointed. Mr. Olbermann, you missed the mark. Sure, Cindy McCain's people plagiarized a cookie recipe. But really, is that more momentous than full equal marriage rights in California? Let me put how big this is into perspective:

As of last night, me, my partner, and millions of Americans are at last equal citizens in 2 of 50 states. One of the ten largest economies in the world made gay folks equal citizens under the law.

Last night I watched the first weddings online, shedding tears of joy with the beautiful Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, two of our foremothers who lost their jobs in the 50s because of their love for one another. I and all other freedom-loving people owe these women a debt of gratitude, and my happiness for them was tempered by my difficulty in finding coverage of their momentous event in the mainstream media that wasn't buried under a dozen other stories. Craiggers was about to go to bed last night when it was finally covered on CNN. I tuned in to Countdown tonight assured that I would see some recognition of how enormous this moment is, only to be disappointed.

This is just one more reason Rachel Maddow needs her own show immediately, preferably replacing the insipid Dan Abrams. I have no doubt that Mr. Olbermann is on my side in this fight. He and so many other members of the media need to be reminded, though, that the rights he may take for granted are quite a big deal to the rest of us. At least a bigger deal than viral videos and wacky criminals.

And now I'm just waiting for that proposal.


heather said...

I'm so thrilled about this! There are no words. I blogged about the Martin-Lyonses at

I eagerly await going to town on that Fiestaware registry!


Christopher said...

I'm wondering if I will be able to register for more Fiesta since I have banned Craig from registering at Best Buy?

Have you bought any ivory yet?