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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How Cheap Are You?

During finals, most law students don't have time for much of anything but law school. To relax at law finals time, my pal Cooper dates hot boys and touches himself. I go to Target. Also, since most of us in law school are going to be Sally Mae's bitches for quite a few years, we don't have a lot of cash to spare. Needless to say, when I see the dented and dinged clearance items on the endcaps at Target, I get quite excited and load up my cart.

That said, even I have a limit to my cheapness. Some things should probably be purchased when they're in prime condition.

I'm fairly certain there is some sort of tort duty you take on when you buy clearance condoms. You'd think my torts professor would have warned us about that. I just hope it isn't on my torts exam (the last of my five grueling final exams!!!) Friday.

I should note that I do load up on things I use regularly. Just last week, I bought a gigantic package of paper towels and several sticks of antiperspirant. But let's face one in law school is having enough sex to justify buying prophylactics in bulk, no matter how good the deal. We don't have the time, and we tend to make adverse possession jokes in bed. Law school may be the perfect form of safe sex...the Radical Right should require teaching 1st year law classes in grade school.


Ms. Val said...

15% off? Is that the best you could do, Christopher? You have a LONG way to go before you can call yourself cheap. When you start rinsing out and reusing plastic Ziplock bags, then we'll talk.

Also, go ahead and give Melissa my e-mail address. I'll be happy to talk to her. I'm sure Q will, too.

Christopher said...

Ahhh, but I had accumulated enough Target points that everything I bought that day with my Redcard was another 10% off, so 25% off things I normally buy anyway at full price is a good deal! I got a cute shirt on clearance for $6 also.

Ms. Val said...

Ok, but still, I'd hardly call that cheap. I'd call it taking advantage of sales and offers that are right under your nose.

Cheap is my step-monster. That woman will drive to every store in the greater Phoenix area looking for the lowest price on socks.

She also reads the grocery store sales flyers looking for the best prices on any given item. Not a big deal, sure. But she'll drive to Safeway because they have oranges, tuna fish, and cottage cheese on sale. Then she'll drive over to Fry's because they have specials on salad dressing, ground beef, and soap. She used to give me grief because I don't shop that way. With two kids, school, and a house to run, I prefer the convenience of one-stop shopping.

Cooper said...

Haha you're diversion of shopping for bargains is way better than mine! But yeah, don't skimp on condoms. :)

Hope your finals went well. I have CivPro in an hour, so naturally I'm not studying...

Mother Jones RN said...

Oh, Honey, I love Target! Can we go shopping together?


Lena said...

Sometimes marriage is the most definite answer to safe sex!

denise price said...

My daughter just got invited to attend City University Of New York.
Their law school is near Queens. It wasn't her first choice but she is still on the waiting list at the University of Buffalo and unless they offer her a position in a week she will be going to CUNY. She's excited. I sure hope it's not going to be too expensive to attend school there. I'm happy for her too! Her last year she'll be doing a work study. Do they do that at your law school?
The Queenie just left my state and now she's on her way to your's to attend the derby- Are you drunk yet? Denise

Brechi said...

lol...that is crazy....never have I seen those on the clearance rack!